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Ade pramono
7 months 3 weeks ago

I was working onborad at mv aegean odyssey panama flag for 20 day,i was sign the contract for 8 months.we feel discrimnation for indonesian worker at those ship.there is no regulation policy for crew member by owner mr nicous tourvas.because the small thing we didnt used hand gloves when carrying something he sent me home with my friend.thats only small thing dindt give a warning first but sometime he was saw someone else have a mistake from other nationality but he didnt take a acts but if indonesian make a small mistake he will make like a seriously.
Can you help us to solved the problem.?
We expensed a lot of mkney to get some jobs but only for 20 days but after small mistake he was cut our contracts.
Ship name mv aegean odyssey
Number IMO 7225910
Email :

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