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mahesh Asantha Liyanapathirana!
1 year ago

Dear Sir! I am mahesh Asantha Liyanapathirana! I hereby inform you that 15 Sri Lankans, including myself, have been on duty on the ship NYK SILVIA 9419656, MMSI: 353690000 since 23 December 2021. We have signed a contract with Anglo East for 9 consecutive months on duty aboard the NYK SILVIA cargo ship.Anglo Eastern Company unfairly violates the terms of the contract, limiting our service period to seven months and attempting to dismiss us.The agency says this is reason because we did not vaccinate Covid!The captain forces us to sign a letter stating that we "intends to leave the ship voluntarily."Before we left Sri Lanka, we asked the ship's agency in Sri Lanka if we wanted to get the Covid vaccine, but the officials said it was not necessary. They rejected our request!Our ship continues to sail between Japan, Vietnam and Thailand and we are prohibited from out of ship for any reason.We all follow this command. Our service will end on April 29, 2022.But Anglo East has been notified by email that it will be forcibly deported on January 28 this month in violation of the Terms of Service.I kindly request you to help us in every way and give us relief in this regard.Thanking You!

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