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Workers demand a fair deal from Ryanair

04 Apr 2019

About the campaign

Campaign timeline

5 February 2019

Alongside its quarterly results, Ryanair announces that its controversial chairman David Bonderman will step down. This marks an important victory for unions and shareholders alike, who opposed Mr Bonderman's re-election at the company's September 2018 annual general meeting.

9 January 2019

Two of ITF's Spanish affiliates, SITCLPA and USO, sign a pre-agreement on collective bargaining with Ryanair.

6 November 2018

Unionen signs a letter of intent for collective bargaining with Ryanair, covering all directly-employed cabin crew in Sweden.

25 October 2018

A year after the European Court of Justice ruling, CNE/LBC successfully pushes Ryanair into a signing an agreement to apply national labour law in Belgium. By the end of February 2019 this has led to a collective bargaining agreement for pilots and a deal on transitioning agency cabin crew into direct employment.

30 August 2018

Fórsa signs a recognition deal covering all directly-employed cabin crew based in Ireland. In October this is followed by deals with Crewlink and Workforce.

20 July 2018

FIT CISL becomes the first ITF and ETF affiliate in Italy to sign a recognition deal.

18 July 2018

Ver.di signs a recognition deal covering cabin crew in Germany. In November, members vote for a framework for collective bargaining and the German government confirms that Ryanair will have to adopt a works council. In March 2019, after months of intense negotiations, ver.di signs a full collective bargaining agreement.

4 July 2018

At the end of the first ever Ryanair Crew Summit in Dublin, workers publish a Ryanair Crew Charter outlining a set of demands on pay and working conditions. The company promptly misses an opportunity to engage with workers by branding the demands as “pointless”.

30 January 2018

ITF and ETF affiliate BALPA becomes the first ever union to sign a recognition agreement with Ryanair, covering directly-employed UK pilots.

15 December 2017

Ryanair announces that it will recognise pilot unions for the first time, just one day after ITF and ETF formally launch our new campaign for fair treatment of the company’s workers. With further prompting from ITF and ETF, the airline confirms that it will also recognise unions representing all cabin crew and ground staff.

14 September 2017

The European Court of Justice rules that Ryanair can be taken to court on labour issues in Belgium, not just in its native Ireland. A major step is made in establishing that the company cannot opt out of national law.

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