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Johnny Hansen

ITF Fisheries Section Chair

Johnny Hansen was born in 1962 in Tromsø, Norway.

Johnny started work as a fisher in 1982, before moving on to work as an able seaman (AB) for Norwegian domestic passenger companies between 1984-1997.

It was in 1997 that Johnny started to work for the Norwegian Seafarers’ Union (NSU), an ITF-affiliated union representing seafarers and fishers. Jonny was elected the union’s Vice President in 2006, and in 2014 he was elected as NSU’s President.

Johnny was elected Chair of the ITF Fisheries Section at the ITF’s 42nd Congress in Durban, in 2006.  In addition to being the Chair of the ITF Fisheries Section, Johnny is also a member of the ITF Fair Practices Committee (FPC), FPC Steering Group and Vice Chair of the ITF Cabotage Task Force.