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Consultant Opportunities: OSF funded project on just transition in urban transport

The ITF has two opportunities to work on an OSF funded project on just transition in urban transport.

The project will work with trade unions in the global south to campaign for a worker-led sustainable recovery. It will also strengthen links between formal and informal workers’ organisations.

The consultants required are:

- Project Co-ordinator (part-time)

- Lead Researcher (part-time)

We are advertising these opportunities separately, but would consider combining them for someone with the right skills. Further details on can be found in the attached terms of reference for each role.

The consultant/s would need the ability to work closely with the ITF London office, but does not need to be based in the UK

If you are interested in the projects, please send a CV and short covering letter (max 300 words) to Joanne Martin by 11 December 2020.