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Safe and sustainable rail can help power the world out of the economic, climate and social crises we face today. Safe and sustainable rail is a new economic and social model that redefines the role of passengers, workers, employers, the state and the environment.

Public investment in rail can kickstart the recovery of our economies. Rail reduces carbon emissions. Rail and public transport are the key to the radical, green modal shift we need in transport.

Rail fuels economic and social equality through access to employment, skilled jobs and higher wages. On average, every one job created in rail creates another job in manufacturing, food, trade or other sectors. Rail also provides citizens with the mobility needed to access jobs and livelihoods.

Our vision for rail is:

1. Safe
Properly staffed and decent jobs for railway workers – to ensure optimum safety and guarantee access for all.

2. Sustainable
Millions of good, green jobs in rail giving future generations a better world.

3. Social Justice
Workers have a voice on use of new technology and supply chains are free from abuse.

4. Publicly-owned
Railways that operate for good, not profit, and are safely in public hands. Privatisation puts passengers, workers, and our communities at risk.

Click here to learn more about our demands for Safe and Sustainable rail.

All campaign materials are available for download in English here.

Campaign materials in all languages are available here.


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