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Dorotea Zec

ITF Young Transport Workers’ Committee Co-chair

Dorotea Zec has worked at the Seafarers’ Union of Croatia (SUC) since 2014. She holds an MSc in Law. Before joining the union, she practiced law, including labour law. 

At the SUC Dorotea acts as a legal adviser and is responsible for international relations.In addition, she coordinates young seafarers’ activities with a special emphasis on the continuous education of young seafarers. Beside her activities with the Youth Section, she is also responsible for dealing with national and international legislation for seafarers, including relationships with the International Labour Organization and International Maritime Organization. Furthermore, she is responsible for the coordination of matters relating to cases of criminalisation of seafarers.

Since 2015, she has represented young transport workers in the ITF Seafarers' Section and represents the ITF Seafarers' Section on the Young Transport Workers' Committee. In October 2018 she was elected Co-Chair of the Young Transport Workers' Committee.