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Workshop mobilises young workers to play key role in their unions

ニュース 30 Nov 2018

The workshop follows national level training in organising and leadership in Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Colombia, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago to enable the young workers to play a role in decision-making bodies.

Ten women and nine men participated in the regional workshop that included discussion about:

  • organising progress
  • how to support each other to overcome common challenges
  • the challenge of neoliberal policies: precarious jobs, outsourcing
  • a lack of union education
  • gender inequality in their industries
  • how to get their union leadership to commit to their development
  • how to use digital campaign tools to organise, mobilise and win

The young workers also pledged their support for the workers of Aerolineas Argentinas who were striking on Monday 26 November. A message of solidarity was sent to support DHL Forwarding workers in Cartagena, Colombia who are negotiating their collective agreement.

Claudia Pinilla, SNTT Colombia, said: “The support from the ITF young workers is very welcome by our members. We are union leaders. We are activists. We fight and make things happen. Whatever is coming, we will take a stand and we will make sure that the victory is ours.”

“The event has been truly rewarding”, said Horacio Calculli, chair of the ITF young transport workers regional committee for Latin America and the Caribbean. “It has helped us bond with each other and strengthen links within ITF unions. It is essential that young transport workers understand the current political situation and fight together to overcome the challenges of the neoliberal politics hitting our region”.

Baker Khundakji, ITF Youth Co-ordinator, commented that after the national activities the young transport workers have begun making a difference by digitising their union tools and building lists to ensure active youth memberships. She added that the ITF will continue to support their growth and empower them to face the challenges of the new labour markets.

The workshop was supported by a Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung project that aims incorporate young workers into union structures in the Asia Pacific, Latin America and Caribbean regions.

Get involved with other young workers to make an even bigger impact – join the ITF global young transport workers network now. See the latest stories from the ITF young transport workers network on Twitter and Facebook.

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ニュース 記者発表資料 15 Feb 2024


 北米東岸港湾の労働組合である国際港湾労働者協会( ILA )が、ニューロンドン(米コネティカット州)のオーステッド社洋上風力発電事業をめぐる職域闘争で勝利したことを歓迎する。  ITF のパディ・クラムリン会長は次のように語った。 「これは ILA 、 ILA 第 1411 支部、そして ILA 組合員全員にとっての記念すべき勝利だ」「揺るぎない連帯と戦略的行動に支えられた 8 カ月間の闘争は
ニュース 14 Feb 2024


Gebuk 労組は、航空ケータリング会社アエロフード・ケータリング・サービス・インドネシアにコロナ禍で違法解雇された労働者に補償金を支払うことを約束させ、組合員のために大きな勝利を確保した。 ITF 加盟のインドネシア空港労連( FSPBI )に加盟 する Gebuk 労組は、ジャカルタ空港で働く航空ケータリング業務委託企業の労働者組合だ。 同労組は 2 月 6 日に大規模デモを行ない
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ITF に加盟する交通運輸労組の皆様 2024 年:ますます機能不全に陥りつつある世界で、私たちが直面する課題は解決しないまま、また新たな年が明けました。私たちは、使用者に職場で説明責任を果たさせること、安全を構築すること、環境の持続可能性を構築すること、付加価値を高め、価値を奪うことのないサプライチェーンを構築すること、労働者から賃金を奪ったり