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Striving for a fairer workplace for dock workers

The ITF is supporting transport unions to tackle the key issues facing dockers today. From health and safety to job security, we are supporting our unions as they fight to make a difference. Thanks to global initiatives such as the maritime roundtable and the Global Network Terminals campaign, we’re building stronger unions and a safer, fairer workplace.

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News | 29 Sep 2022

Maritime Workers' Survey

An opportunity to have your say on the big issues facing our maritime industries.

News | 20 Sep 2022

International solidarity for Liverpool’s striking dockers

Global transport unions will be joining 560 Liverpool striking dockers on the picket line at the Port of Liverpool, as port operator Mersey Docks and Harbour...

News | 25 Aug 2022

From east to west, dockers unions' unite behind ILWU in US Pacific negotiations

Union leaders from the US East Coast, Canada and international transport worker federations have joined negotiations between dockers and Pacific coast employers in...

News | 22 Aug 2022 Press Release

ITF delegation joins Felixstowe picket line as managers refuse to negotiate

Dockers on the picket line at the Port of Felixstowe, the UK’s largest container terminal, told a delegation from the International Transport Workers’...

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The ITF co-ordinates practical solidarity for transport unions around the world. By bringing unions together, we can ensure better working conditions, improve workers’ rights, and create a just and fair society for everyone.

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