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ITF Maersk network to set out priorities ahead of company AGM

news 10 Apr 2016

The network is made up of transport unions that represent maritime workers on vessels and in ports owned or operated by a Maersk Group company.

The network’s objectives, in addition to strengthening the cooperation amongst affiliates within Maersk, is to ensure that all container vessels owned or chartered by Maersk are covered by an ITF approved agreement, to establish union training and development to support new unions in APM terminals and to ensure a genuine and practical engagement between Maersk and the ITF and its affiliates internationally and nationally.

Representatives from the network will attend Maersk’s annual general meeting, also taking place in the Danish capital.

ITF maritime coordinator Jacqueline Smith said:  “Maersk is a leading maritime industry player with not only a great responsibility for the seafarers and dockers who work for them worldwide, but also as an international and national social partner in the improvement of conditions for maritime workers.”

Update: During the Maersk network meeting it was announced that Maersk has agreed that it will ensure that any vessel it charters has an ITF or similar agreement – which puts in place protections for crews on flag of convenience ships – covering it. Find out more

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