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Delivery riders forum plans on cleaning up the gig economy

30 May 2019
Unions representing delivery riders met at ITF House in London this week to plan how to take on exploitative ‘gig economy’ employers.

Companies such as Deliveroo, Foodora and Uber Eats have expanded rapidly over the last few years as to meet the increased demand for food delivery. However, this new sector has become notorious for its precarious pay and working conditions, as well as for systematically miscategorising the employment status of riders as a way of shirking labour costs.

Nevertheless, workers are organising to fight back for fair treatment. At the ITF delivery riders forum, representatives from the Transport Workers Union (Australia), BTB/UBT (Belgium), 3F (Denmark), FILT CGIL (Italy), STF (Sweden) and IWGB (Britain) met to share their achievements to date and exchange strategies.

Baker Khundakji, ITF young transport workers officer, said: “Young workers are disproportionately affected by precarious employment, and we need to turn our focus to new areas of the economy where exploitation is rife. With delivery riders facing similar challenges across national borders, the ITF is committed to working together with unions to coordinate a transnational response to the gig economy. Every rider should be a #UnionRider”

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