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Biden commended for reiterating support for Jones Act

news Press Release 28 Jan 2021

United States President Joe Biden’s announcement this week reiterating support for the Jones Act has been applauded by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) Cabotage Task Force.

As part of an announcement from the White House Monday to strengthen Federal ‘Buy American’ provisions, the Biden-Harris Administration asserted their strong support for the Jones Act and its mandate that only U.S.-flagged vessels carry cargo between U.S. Ports.

The Jones Act supports American marine sector jobs by requiring that vessels engaged in so-called ‘cabotage’ be built, owned, flagged and crewed in America by American seafarers.

“The Jones Act remains the consummate standard by which all other cabotage regulations are compared against. This announcement from President Biden is an important validation of the Act’s continued significance as a catalyst for supporting and creating good union jobs in the U.S. maritime sector” said James Given, Chair of the ITF Cabotage Task Force. 

Given said the announcement is being highly praised by ITF affiliate unions throughout the U.S. and the significance of the announcement was underscored by the fact that it comes in the first week of President Biden’s presidency.

In addition, President Biden stressed that the Jones Act has also been affirmed as an opportunity to invest in America’s workers with a renewed focus on offshore renewable energy. The ITF supports greater investment in developing industries that will help the world meet the challenges of the climate crisis, with good, green jobs.

“The Jones Act directly benefits over 650,000 Americans who work in the domestic maritime industry. So therefore, the Cabotage Task Force is pleased to see continued large-scale, bi-partisan support for this important job-creating regulation. The US law provides an important example to the world for why we should strengthen cabotage globally”, said Johnny Hansen, Vice-Chair of the ITF Cabotage Task Force.