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Belgian Deliveroo riders demand justice

news 21 Jun 2019

Following on from the ITF riders’ forum, 28 -29 May in London, the Belgium group Collectif des coursier-e-s / KoeriersCollectief has taken to the streets demanding justice for Deliveroo Riders. They were supported by ITF affiliate ABVV-BTB. 

"Deliveroo thinks it is above the law," says Steven Steyaert of ABVV-BTB. "We are campaigning against abuse and want a negotiation with Deliveroo to agree that couriers can choose their own contract and have everything they need to do their job, such as a bicycle or mobile phone.”

Hundreds of delivery riders have protested around the world demanding their rights. In several countries legal cases have been taken to establish what working conditions they should be receiving. 

The ITF continues to support all of its affiliates that are engaged in fighting to bring better conditions for riders and holding employers to account.

Baker Khundakji, ITF young transport workers officer, commented after the riders’ forum: “Young workers are disproportionately affected by precarious employment, and we need to turn our focus to new areas of the economy where exploitation is rife. With delivery riders facing similar challenges across national borders, the ITF is committed to working together with unions to coordinate a transnational response to the gig economy. Every rider has the right to decent working conditions, every rider should be a #UnionRider”

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