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Activists agree ambitious action for public transport 

news 07 Jun 2019

Strengthening women’s employment, campaigning for decent sanitary facilities for all, championing informal workers' issues at the ILO - just part of an ambitious plan of action to build workers' power in public transport. 

Over 20 activists from 16 countries came together as the urban transport steering committee to agree the priorities and activities for the ITF's Our Public Transport programme

The group decided to:  

Chair of the ITF urban transport committee, John Mark Mwanika, said: "This group of activists is doing great work for public transport workers. We're making sure the ITF is influencing global and regional policy around strengthening women's employment in public transport, 'smart cities' and the work of the ILO.  

"We're using innovative campaigning to raise the issue of workers' access to safe sanitation facilities and influence the development of BRT [bus rapid transit]. We're growing and activating membership by endorsing activities to increase activism, such as in organising metro workers in the Asia-Pacific region.  

"People say that urban transport is local, but that's not true. The companies involved are global, we have to act globally too, and that's exactly what this plan will do." 

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