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Thai union takes big step to building aviation workers’ power

09 Jul 2019

Members of the Wingspan Workers' Union (WWU) have voted to admit workers from any aviation company across Thailand, not just those working for Wingspan.

This is a big step in the ITF airport organising programme strategy to organise outsourced, precarious and sub-contracted workers in Thai airports, and create a more powerful model of union organisation.

Outsourced jobs are where aviation is seeing a growth in employment, and the WWU is the only union representing private sector and outsourced workers in aviation in Thailand.

The WWU is part of the Airport Alliance Of Thai Trade Unions that is being supported by the ITF’s airport organising project and the State Enterprise Workers' Relations Confederation (SERC) in Thailand.

ITF airport organising programme lead Erin van der Maas said: “Congratulations to the WWU activists and leadership for this brilliant achievement. And great work, solidarity and support from the SERC, ITF Airport coordinator Ussarin Kaewpradrap and the Airport Alliance Of Thai Trade Unions. This will massively contribute to the WWU’s growth and gives the Alliance a key vehicle to organise the unorganised workers at the airport.“

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