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Solidarity with Transdev bus workers

31 Oct 2019

ITF affiliate, the ATU (Amalgamated Transit Union) in the USA, is one of unions representing public transport workers at Transdev.  Bus operators employed at WMATA’s (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority) Cinder Bed Road bus depot, the first bus depot privatised in Washington DC’s Metro system in more than 40 years, have been fighting for a fair contract since organising with ATU Local 689-Washington, DC, last year.

The employer, Transdev, has been doing everything it can to stall negotiations, keep wages low, and resist ensuring workers have a defined benefit pension like the rest of their Metrobus coworkers. They wear the same uniforms and drive the same vehicles. What separates them is simply who signs their paychecks. Workers are fed up and have now been on strike since Thursday 24 October.

Workers are demanding an end to company stalling at the bargaining table, to intimidation and surveillance, and to WMATA’s privatisation scheme that creates a two-tier workforce with lower wages and almost non-existent benefits.

Join us in showing solidarity, heres how:

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