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ITF joins call for fundamental rights in Korea 

news 11 Apr 2019

The ITF is joining a call by Korean workers for their government to ratify core International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions and guarantee fundamental labour rights for all workers. 

On 13 April, thousands of Koreans, including truck drivers and specially-employed workers, will protest in Seoul to voice their demands.  

In a letter to President Moon Jae-in, ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton calls for: 

  • the swift ratification of ILO conventions 87 and 98, which recognise freedom of association, the right to organise and collective bargaining 

  • an end to suggestions that South Korea may further weaken existing protection for workers 

  • people in non-standard forms of employment to be recognised as workers by the law, giving them fundamental labour rights    

“We understand that President Moon is considering attendance at the upcoming ILC [International Labour Conference]. We sincerely hope that the government recognizes that in order not to be shamed before the international community and to be able to take part meaningfully in the Conference discussion on the future of work, it would first need to meet its obligations to the international community and the workers of Korea,” says Mr Cotton. 

President Moon’s administration has repeatedly promised to secure approval in the National Assembly to ratify conventions 87 and 98, but has so far showed few signs of doing so efficiently.  

A copy of the letter is included with this story.

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