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DHL Logistics workers in Turkey benefit from significant agreement

news 07 Feb 2024

Turkish union Tümtis has successfully negotiated a landmark outcome for its members with DHL Logistics Services.  

The agreement achieved by the ITF affiliate will mean wage increases of between 73% and 85%, and an increase in the number of bonuses the workers get, with unionised workers now having the right to four bonuses per year for the first time in the largely unorganised logistics sector in Turkey. 

The salary increase reflects the rampant inflation in Turkey which stood at nearly 65% in December 2023. 

ITF’s Secretary of Inland Transport, Noel Coard offered his congratulations to Tümtis and its members at DHL Logistics Services: “Having successfully renegotiated this Collective Bargaining Agreement for the sixth time shows Tümtis’ dedication to its members and the faith and support the members have in the union’s leadership.”  

“This agreement shows all workers the benefit of a unionised workplace, and how collectively we can work together to raise standards across the entire transport sector,” he added.  

Other significant wins in the agreement include: 

  • A 100% increase in social benefits, including allowance for fuel, childbirth, death, marriage, and education  
  • An increase in holiday bonuses, with a 134% bonus for Ramadan  
  • A 129% increase in meal allowance  

  • An increase in weekday overtime payments of 70% 

  • An additional day’s annual leave. 

88% of Tümtis’ members backed the agreement with DHL Logistics, which was signed on 2 February 2024. 

Tümtis said the union will continue to fight to protect and improve the rights and interests of transport and logistics workers, and called on all workers who work for extended periods in insecure conditions denied overtime payment to immediately organise in a union.  

More information on the agreement, and what it covers can be found on the Tümtis website.