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Colombian air traffic controllers warn of staff shortages

news 11 Nov 2019

The ITF affiliate ACDECTA - Asociación Colombiana de Controladores Aéreos - is demanding the government hire and train more air traffic controllers, due to the workload increase that is jeopardizing the safety of air operations in the country.

According to ACDECTA, the increase in air operations is forcing air traffic controllers to do 12-hour shifts, when they should be working six hours. This to led to increased levels of fatigue, forcing workers to take sick leave, which has increased hours further to cover this leave.

The union is also warning that in the following years a large number of workers will be retiring, and new staff must have the necessary training and experience to replace them, as this position is one of the most complicated jobs in aviation.

ITF civil aviation section secretary Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez commented: "Civil aviation continues to grow and requires that the ITF raises its voice at international aviation organisations to increase labour and safety conditions for all aviation workers worldwide.”

Edgar Díaz, acting regional secretary at ITF Americas added: "This is a very important issue that the Colombian government has to prioritise, because it implies the safety of thousands of passengers in the aviation industry that is constantly growing. The ITF and its affiliates will be fighting together for a safe and effective aviation industry and fair working conditions."

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