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Maersk Network

Are you a union with members working for Maersk?

The Maersk network has been set up in recognition of the fact that, either directly or indirectly, thousands of ITF transport workers are employed by this global company.

The Maersk Network, a body passed by ITF congress in 2006, is a network of seafarer and docker affiliate unions within the ITF. The Network is designed to promote the needs of workers who are employed by Maersk to identify priority areas of work to build negotiating strength.

If your union represents Maersk workers: Maersk Line, Svitzer tugs, APM terminals, but also workers in road, rail warehousing and beyond in the supply chain, please get in touch.

In April 2016 the network achieved one of its main objectives by getting agreement from Maersk that it will ensure that any vessel it charters has an ITF or similar agreement covering it, which puts in place protections for crews on flag of convenience ships.

This work has been followed up in 2019 with some ITF research to look at Maersk chartered ships in relation to current agreements we have recorded in our database. Arising from this work the ITF has agreed with Maersk that additional steps need to be put in place by the company to ensure full compliance.

Recently, the Network's ESG campaign has investigated affiliate case studies which exemplify whether or not Maersk is living up to its own standards. The Network works with asset managers and shareholders on actions that Maersk should take to address ITF priority issues.

It’s critical that as trade unions, we recognize that Maersk’s goal is to strengthen its land-based business (trucking, warehousing, etc.) and we expand our Network accordingly. Our unions are experts of the industry, and best suited to fight to raise the terms and conditions of our members to the highest level.

Are you a union with members working for Maersk?

If you are, or you want more information on the network, contact Kulsoom Jafri in the ITF maritime team:


ITF Maersk Network Steering Group 

Karsten Kristensen
3F, Denmark - Chair 

Nuri Alders
FNV, Netherlands 

Jamie Newlyn
MUA, Australia 

PK Raman
NMGKS, India 

Capt. Tom Larkin

Richard Crease
Unite the Union, UK