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Solidarity with transport unions in the Arab world

The ITF Arab world regional office was opened in 2004, and represents more than 35 unions in the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf States. The ITF’s presence in the Arab World transport sector has had a huge positive impact for the unions, bringing a region where union agreements were scarce into a new era. Transport unions in the Arab World now collectively bargain, defend workers’ rights and stand in solidarity with other members of the ITF’s global family.

Our regional office is in Amman, Jordan. 

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ITF Arab World News

News | 23 Mar 2023 Press Release

Governments obliged to learn pandemic supply chain lessons – maritime report

Governments should learn lessons from the pandemic and its aftermath to secure reliable maritime supply chains for their citizens and the climate, the International...

News | 02 Mar 2023

Council of Global Unions expresses its solidarity with the UGTT in Tunisia

We, the Council of Global Unions (CGU), on behalf of 200 million workers around the world, expresses its support and solidarity with the UGTT and its affiliates in...

News | 21 Feb 2023 Press Release

Transport unions around the globe condemn crackdown on Tunisian workers

The International Transport Workers’ Federation and the European Transport Workers’ Federation, representing 20 million transport workers around the world,...

News | 06 Feb 2023

After devastating earthquakes hit Türkiye and Syria, ITF and affiliates stand ready to help

A 7.8 magnitude quake with its epicentre near Gaziantep in south-west Türkiye reverberated across the region in the early hours. A second quake, registering...

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