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Union campaign wins full contracts for 400+ Bangladeshi airline workers

07 Jun 2019

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has handed over contractual appointment letters to 438 casual workers at the airline.

Some of these workers had been on casual and insecure conditions for more than 25 years.

The new three-year renewable contracts give these workers all the benefits of regular employment.

The ITF-affiliated Biman Shramik League (BSL) has been campaigning relentlessly for over three years demanding regularisation of casual labour. 

Mosikur Rahman, president of the BSL, said: “After the first victory this week, we will not rest.

"Our campaign aims to achieve regular contracts for 1000 casual workers by December 2019.”

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has 7,000 employees, which includes 2,500 casual workers with 10 years or more service on poor pay and conditions.

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Mohammed Firozol Islam, Sport & Cultural Secretary, BSL, BANGLAD
5 months 1 week ago

In 2015, ITF-FES, Nepal, Biman Sramik League, CBA Bangladesh placed this issue for the first time and took as challenge to make non permanent casual employees to permanent employees in Biman Bangladesh Airlines. That was great challenge for Union as a special case. The issue kept always in follow up by ITF region. Even in last conference in Singapore 2018 regard this issue a sort brief has given by Mr. Mosikur Rahman, President of BSL. Finally the historic moment grabbed to us, Biman management officially handed over appointment letter as permanent employees to 51 casual employees and going up to about 500
casual to permanent in this month as well as gradually every casual employee s, completion of 12 years service will do so.

Farid Sefatullah
5 months 1 week ago

Undoubtedly it is a great achievement of Biman's CBA although it is a part of the new organogram of Biman Bangladesh Airlines. In materialising the new set-up of the airline it had to be done anyway. Whatsoever congratulations BSL! Congratulations the empolyess!

Golam Kyser Ahmed, Intl. Affairs Secretary,BSL, Bangladesh.
5 months 1 week ago

This dream has come to true only for dynamic leadership of Biman Sramik League as well as Md Mosikur Rahman President BSL, strong commitment, devotion to make permanent the casual employee. Several times BSL raised the issue to the ITF. ITF has also given guidelines. BSL always pressured the management at last they realized the issue and made permanent the casual employees who were working since 1985.

abdus subhan,social welfare secretary,biman sramik league,reg n
5 months 1 week ago

Thanks a lot to itf that have not forgot our campaign about casual employees of october 2018,biman sramik leagues 22 union leaders attented itf congress at singapore,that time our beloved president Mosikur rahman given a clear notification in front of itf president,general secretary & huge number of global itf leaders about bimans casual employees lifestyle,service process,benifits etc.all the present leaders appreciated his valuable speech.after that we have continued demonastratin,campaigns, meeting & other process of tradeunion lawful duty.within six months govt of bangladesh,biman board,biman mngmnt has realised the reality of casual employees than given order to permanent partially by an admin order.again grateful thanks to itf for continusly supporting our demands.thanks to all stackholders.finally thanks to Mosikur Rahman & his team to go ahead for fulfill all further bangla
joy bongabondhu
long live biman sramikleague.