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Racial justice is union business, ITF stands committed to the struggle

03 Jun 2020

The murder of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 is the most recent manifestation of the systemic racism, violence and inequality that has oppressed people of colour historically in communities worldwide. This latest act of violence in the US, despite its long history of civil rights activism, comes as another shocking reminder of the ongoing gravity of this international crisis.
Trade unionists and the labour movement have led with our commitment that “An injury to one is an injury to all”. This foundational principle – and organising and rallying cry – is at the heart of campaigns against racial, ethnic, gender-based, religious, political and industrial abuse, discrimination and exploitation.
It was central to the ITF industrial campaign in the South African struggle against apartheid amongst many other campaigns. Echoes of these struggles now ring in the ears of the victims of violence inflicted on African-Americans, on people of colour, on ethnic minorities, on the poor, and on workers across America and of course in many other countries across the globe.
Racism, violence and inequality are workplace and community issues. All workers and their unions must fight for equality, peace and justice for all. This always has been, and always will be union business.
The killing of George Floyd is the latest abhorrent, deeply divisive and unacceptable face of a deeply embedded racial divide in the world, and the US specifically. The coronavirus death rate across US where African Americans have died from the disease at almost three times the rate of white Americans is reflected in many other countries due to poverty, poor social support and economic and political discrimination. This lies at the heart of deeply-rooted racial inequality and injustice.
The world’s transport workers have a long, proud history of being part of civil rights, human rights and social justice movements. Over the weekend, union bus drivers in Minneapolis and New York refused to transport police officers or protesters to jail. We are deeply proud and honoured to stand beside and behind these workers, our members and our affiliated unions who are bravely acting in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.
The ITF, and the almost 20 million transport workers we continue to represent, unreservedly support the struggle for justice personified in George Floyd’s death with every fibre of our historical courage and determination.
We stand steadfastly in solidarity with the oppressed and their communities in the US, and all workers similarly discriminated against around the world.
An injury to one remains an injury to all! 
In solidarity,
Paddy Crumlin, ITF President
Stephen Cotton, ITF General Secretary


Suchittar Kumar Sharma
10 months 1 week ago

I am a seafarer & has delt with ITF
ITF is only concerned for their cuts not interested in the Justice & welfare of workers.

ITF too has racesim as they are only taking interest in western countries workers.

I hv suffered in the hand of their inspector to the tune of about 100000 USD.

Intially he refused to take our case but after having some settlement with company & their representative.
After that he made plan by frightening us for life threat from company & assured us that he will get our wages secured though court & reach us safely to court.
But after reaching court he changed colour & got us a small amount paid through one intermediate lawyer planted by him & charged 10000 USD from that amount, on the other hand I lost 100,000 USD.
This is the true face of ITF.

Tommy Molloy
10 months 1 week ago

Dear Suchittar, the circumstance you describe would be of great concern to ITF if substantiated. Clearly you feel you have suffered some detriment or you would not have taken the time to respond to this story.

Without the detail it is difficult to respond with any degree of confidence or knowledge of the case. For all we know you might not be a seafarer. You might have had a personal fallout with an individual ITF associate or you might be a shipowner who ITF have held to account. This is, after all, a public forum and anyone can claim to be anyone else and say whatever they like to make mischief. ITF must be careful that this is not the case.

On the other hand, if you are genuine then your claims need to be properly investigated and if you can co-operate with us to provide all the relevant information you will be kept fully informed of developments.

Therefore, can I ask that you write to ITF Inspectorate Co-ordinator Steve Trowsdale at: and provide him with the name and imo number of the ship, the port and the name of the ITF Inspector you refer to. If we do not hear from you or if you do not wish for the matter to be investigated we will publish that under your post in order that subsequent readers can make their minds up as to the validity of the claims. If you help us to investigate we will also publish the outcome underneath your post.

Finally, I can assure you and any other readers that even if your experience is accurate it is NOT the true face of ITF. It would be an aberration that we would want to rectify.

10 months 1 week ago

The Indian Dockers extend all support for all actions of the ITF and also the Affiliated Unions to ensure justice and Human Rights to the affected. We pledge to end the evil effects of racism all over the world.

Rachik hamid
10 months 1 week ago

The racist is one who thinks that everything that is too different from him threatens him in his tranquility.

10 months ago

There is a lot of discrimination around the world. So easy to announce something when other people already started to act. Where is struggle for seafarers? How about such kind of discrimination? You are waiting when seafarers will start strikes for struggle of our rights for repatriation...

10 months ago

Кому интересно, прочитайте про преступления Флойда.. Тогда станет всё понятно.