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ITF continues to build relationship with global pilots’ federation

10 Sep 2019
ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton hailed the alliance between pilot and other transport unions in a speech before the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA).

Addressing a meeting of IFALPA’s professional and government affairs committee hosted in ITF House in London, Mr Cotton highlighted the organisations’ shared priorities including membership growth, innovative campaigning and influencing global and regional policy. He also lauded the level of respect that has been built between the two organisations and their national affiliates.

As the ITF marks 70 years since it extended to representing workers in the skies, the civil aviation sector has moved to the top of the organisation’s global agenda. Flagship campaigns on Ryanair and Qatar Airways are challenging exploitative labour standards in some of the worst airlines, while the ITF’s new office in Montreal is bringing workers’ voices to the UN International Civil Aviation Organisation for the first time.

The ITF also looks forward to working with IFALPA on a number of issues of common concern, including states’ use of commercial flights for forced deportations, ensuring a just transition for aviation workers to a low-carbon economy, and improving the representation of women and young transport workers. IFALPA is now promoting the ITF’s leading action guide on violence against women in the workplace.

Describing the ITF’s global office as “the workers’ house”, Mr Cotton invited IFALPA to make use of the organisation’s facilities again in the future in the spirit of mutual cooperation.

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