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End discrimination in XPO now, say ITF women

18 Apr 2018
The ITF women’s committee met in London
Globally, women transport workers have called on the CEO of XPO Logistics, Bradley Jacobs, to act and end discrimination against women in his company.

The 25 trade unionists, members of the ITF women’s committee, met in London and discussed the mistreatment of women workers in the USA and Spain, and have written to Jacobs calling on him to meet global and European unions to resolve the issues.

“In Spain, we have seen cases of unfair pay differences between men and women clearly doing the same tasks, as well as promotion of male workers above women colleagues who have the right skills and more experience than they do," said Diana Holland, chair of the women’s committee and assistant general secretary of Unite the Union

“We have seen discrimination against women who are working part-time because of family responsibilities, as well as against women temporary workers who are pregnant, resulting in some being too scared to disclose their pregnancies."

Meanwhile, workers in Memphis, USA, have written a letter to local media detailing how “XPO can force you to take your bra off at the security checkpoint if you want to work, and if you refuse you are sent home and docked a point, which could eventually lead to termination.”

Several ITF and ETF unions that organise in XPO have been working with the Teamsters union in the USA on their campaign to win respect for workers and unions in XPO. They met in Paris this week in the latest meeting of the ITF XPO global leadership group.

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3 weeks 1 day ago

También a los hombres hispanos y séniors por su edad están siendo discriminados lo que viola la propia policy de la compañía envés de reconocer su esfuerzo están siendo victimas de precion cuando le dan muy poco tiempo para revisar apropiadamente el equipo y muy poco tiempo para llegar al lugar de destino dándole los papeles a ultimo minuto.