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Deon Vermeulen
1 month 3 weeks ago

I am a chef on board a research vessel under Panama flag that belongs to San American non-profit marine archeological research foundation and we are currently in Trapani- Italy. I joined on 21 June 2019 in Malta. Yesterday only I was informed by the agent based in Malta that I will only get my salary by about the 5th or 6th of the new month. My one page ‘independent contractor’ contract does not mention this at all and it is standard procedure to get one’s salary at least by the 2nd of a new month at the latest.
The captain himself told me that last month the chef and chief engineer salaries coming from the USA were very delayed and the chief engineer has confirmed the fact. The previous chef wAlked off the boat without getting paid. I am a member of Nautilus. I am concerned that the delayed payments will happen again. Any advice please...thank

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