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Ianpher M Palmos
3 weeks 4 days ago

Hello sir/ma'am, good day. I write a comment because I feel that I need to help not only myself but the others that in the same situation like me. I am a deck trainee on a bulk carrier on a big company base in hongkong, but i am working on galley as messman, And call me to work also on deck especially during mooring operation even my rest hour. At the very beginning they already told me that i will work on galley even though my contract is a deck trainee. My basic is less than $200. I agree because they promise me promotion next contract, free u.s. Visa, medical etc. and its very hard to be hire onboard ship especially if your a ratings and no U.S. Visa in Philippines.

But now I think this is what the company do to attract first timer or seafarers who getting hard time to find a job. So that they gain more money because they dont hire messman and pay them fair salary, instead they hire deck trainee's for under $200 basic salary and let them work as messman.

I feel something is not right and the company is using this strategy to save and gain more profit.

Pls. Keep my identity anonymous to protect me and my family.

Pls. Contact me at And I will provide further details.

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