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Deck Officer
1 year 5 months ago

So, actually in the end same news....nothing can be done.
You keep talking about the fact that in countries which governments don.t allow crew change there will be consequences.... please tell us dear itf, imo ics and other organizations in the maritime sector.. What consequences can take place against a country as...lets just say China?
This pandemic was perfect to show the world and especially to the worlds seafarers that what we do and the organizations who are ment to protect us have NO POWER, except the power to play with money. Actually in the end this is the main purpose of sailing: Make money and step on the blood of sailors who committed suicide and on the tears of the families.
All of you talk about the status of key workers.
Why did you wait for the pandemic to start convincing the goverments that we are key workers?
This means before the pandemic we were not key workers?
So seafarers matter only when something bad happens.
Sorry to say this dear sirs but instead of helping the seafarers your organisations only makes more problems in our lives.
The only thing that I wish now, after 5 years in maritime academy, 2 years in masters degree and 12 years out to sea, is to finally go home, and once I arrive home to BURN MY OFFICER ENDORSMENT

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