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1 week 6 days ago

Working in the offshore industry of South America is very stressful it plays a very big role of crew members being fatigued and an even bigger one knowing that you have completed your time onboard such vessels and don't know when you are going home. Crew members have a life to. Some crew member are sometimes the only person that works in the family, they depend on just that one person in getting things done at home they have young kids that are expecting them home after a certain amount of time onboard. Due to the situation that we face today with the global pandemic, It can have a mental breakdowns on the crew members side and on the loved ones side at home . This is why most seamen are out here for be it sailing the world or be it working in the offshore industry is to provide for there loved ones. It is very hard to leave the ones you love and care about behind just to make some money to make ends meet, And for most companies to keep telling you that they monitoring the situation not even trying to charter a flight for does crew members to return to their families that is just heartless just to save on money but remember without the crew members you cant get it done .

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