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Ko ko
7 months 1 week ago

On a ship like this, not only do you usually have a lot of Contracts.
When Pendamic declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization
Over-contracted robot sailors are worried about their homes during the global epidemic.
They really need to come back and lead the family. The company did not ask the robotic crew to return, no matter how much the contract exceeded. They said they were still looking for a country to return to.
In fact, if possible, I would not even want to stay on the ship for a minute, but I would be patient and full of endurance, full of endurance. Due to prolonged sleep deprivation, the robotic crew lost some of their fluid, and some of the original grain structure in the robot's body was damaged and the stress increased.
The reason want to go back .
That is why the engine robot uses only a ladder that can be accessed directly from the engine room to your room.
The last one is risk. It is a risk to life. No sailor is afraid of the waves, but risking his life in the waves is only good for a limited time. Even under normal circumstances, he should return at the end of the year. The risk is too high. Last time, they were still searching through the Taiwan strait. Did another ship get in trouble?
At the time of writing, the port is closed due to bad weather, so I have to keep moving around. I can't stop.
The robots on the ship are sounding the alarms, the condenser windows are stopped, and the robot microprocessors are coaxing each other.
But because therobots are , they have to work hard and do nothing to return.
Engineer robots also reduce the amount of work done by robots in the engine room.
The company is lack of responsible to return on robots, no matter how many documents on the MLC Convention and panama state.
are many victories over robot sailors
Patience and perseverance.
There are robot sailors. There are lonely robot sailors. Even though they get paid, they are out of bound. Trying to survive.

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