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Nikolay Nikiforov, Head of ROSPROFZHEL
2 years 2 months ago

With a feeling of deep sadness, we - Russian Trade Union of Railwaymen and transport construction workers learned that Yanina Malinovska, the Assistant Secretary of Inland Transport, had passed away. For many years, cooperation and friendship linked our Trade Union and Janina. The contribution of Janina Malinovska to the ITF and to the railway section particularly is difficult to overestimate. We will remember her as an experienced and responsible specialist and friendly person.
The professionalism of Janina was also well recognized by the trade unions of the CIS countries. Janina had been working effectively and closely with Russia and CIS countries for more than 10 years. Janina was not just a colleague, but also a big friend for all of us.
I express my sincere condolences tothe ITF, all her colleagues, family, relatives and friends.

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