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Anthony Papaconstuntinos.
2 years 4 months ago

A great initiative of solidarity and purpose. All comments made by this delegation and no doubt more that are unprinted should be positively digested by the Morrison LNP government, however, Australia is in a very unique quandry at present. A very difficult political hurdle needs to be dismantled, that is our government isnt really governing, it is being governed by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA). The governments policies were set out by the IPA many years ago and are being enacted by Morrison and the many former IPA leaders and senior representatives now ministers of the present government. Some of our domestic Australias and Multinational largest companies are also members of the IPA and have a enormously huge vested interest. Its organisations such as the IPA that have the interest and power and to change our present situation will necessitate a change of government and to ensure that future politicians are not tainted by right wing extremisms from organisations such as the IPa. However, i do congratulate each representative that participate, any attempt to turn our maritime industry around is worth the effort, no matter how frustrating or despairing the effort may be.

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