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S. A. A.
4 months 3 weeks ago

Its all a propaganda, except its applicable to particular countries, nationalities and so on...
I had serious issues onboardship where my life was threatened after I have endured all the worst condition anyone can think of.
The whole story got to ITF through an organization I belong to in london called NAUTILUS. The crew on this ship are even lucky to get rain water, we had nothing. To cut the long story short, the only thing ITF did was to publish my name on news paper raising an SOS for me. we could not even get a clean water to drink after reporting to ITF. the most annoying part is that I got an email telling me they can not come onboard the ship because the captain of the ship did not report any fault on the ship. meanwhile I sent them series of photos. This issue put an end to my sea career because the company and the ship has refused to issue me a sea service testimonial when the MCA requested for another copy for that reason i could not get my NOE to seat for my officer of the watch exam (OOW) Now I am doing a level 6 research on SUCCESS OF FLAG STATE CONTROL/AND PORT STATE CONTROL IN ESTABLISHED MARITIME STATE/OPEN REGISTER.

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