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End violence against women UN day 2017

05 Oct 2017

About the campaign

Solidarity and celebration around the world on the day


Women in the Trade Union of Railwaymen & Transport Construction Workers of Russia organised activities around UN Day for the elimination of violence against women and girls.


The ITF Guinea Conakry Women's Committee organised activities this UN Day which focused on ending violence against women in the workplace.


The Transport & Dock Workers' Union in Mumbai, India held activities on 25 November UN International Day of Action.  


The MPTEU-HMS Women's Committee took action of the 25 November UN International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women.  Women activists distributed pamphlets & post cards to employees in Chennai and urged port employees to give signatures and show their support to end violence against women transport workers.  The General Secretary, G.M.Krishnamurthy, also participated in the actvities.


Celebrations and workshops were carried out in Kenya for the 25 November Un day.  The dockers and matatu union hung BTB-ABVV flags and wore 'Leave no one behind - End violence against men and women' purple t-shirts.  Survivors of gender-based violence shared their experiences and long distance truckers of Mombasa sent messages of solidarity and support for Nermin Sharif in Libya. 


The ITF Togo Women’s Committee celebrated the 25 November UN Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women international day of action. Their theme was “ Dynamic women for strong unions”


On 24 November, the National Federation of Indian Railwaymen held an event for the 25 November UN Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  The Indian Women's Cricket Team Captain, Mithali Raj, attended and gave her support to protest against Violence Against Women and to End Gender Based Violence at Work.  Amongst other activities and speakers, messages of support for Nermin Sharif were taken and shared.


The All India Railwaymen's Federation (AIRF) organised an event on the 25th November, bringing together union officials and activists.  Legislation was discussed as well as inviting an activist from NRMU to explain her own experience of violence and how the perpetrator was successfully brought to justice. The meeting was concluded by the General Secretary who called women to engage in union activities which seek to end violence against women transport workers.

Campaign materials

Lobby your national centre - the response from them will be much stronger following ylobbying national centre guidance snipour engagement about the reality of violence and harassment experienced by transport workers

Download, email or print campaign materials according to your needs:

Poster:  How to avoid violence at work
Twitter graphic:  How to avoid violence at work
Facebook cover image:  How to avoid violence at work 

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