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Impact stories

“I don’t want to change my job, but we must change the company,” one cabin crew says of work at Ryanair.  People are under huge pressure to sell add-ons to passengers and face legal threats if they complain. So, they organised with unions across Europe being brought together by the ITF and the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF). Now they’re making a stand against Ryanair for better pay and decent conditions, and they’re having an impact. “I don’t want to be anonymous,” says another worker.

I’m part of a union. I’m not doing anything bad.







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Short explanatory text here talking to ITF impacts spanning the global, regional and sector specific to show why it matters and why the work of ITF is so important and needed for a fairer, more just world.
Impact stories

Rights 4 Riders

Just days after riders announced a global network established by the ITF, #Rights4Riders, to protest the company’s business model, Deliveroo is facing setbacks to its IPO listing on the London Stock
Impact stories

The Shwe Tun Aung Story

The story of an ordinary Burmese seafarer facing oppression at sea - Burmese Cowboy is the tale of Shwe Tun Aung and his journey around the world, opposing corrupt ship owners and a dangerous