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Organising Manual

Report Published 14 Apr 2019

The ITF organising manual is for trade union educators and activists who want to develop and strengthen their organising skills.

The manual contains real organising examples from ITF unions. The ITF Organising Manual includes (1) this handbook and (2) more-detailed training modules in PowerPoint (ppt).

The PowerPoint modules are more extensive than the handbook, so if you have a particular interest in a topic, you can go to the corresponding PowerPoint module for additional content and details.

These materials are extensive and contain lessons from many different parts of the world. You will need to adjust them, often substantially, to fit any one situation.The materials are meant to be drawn from, not used in their entirety, so you will need to adjust them each and every time you use them.

Whether you are not sure if organising is for you or you have been organising for many years, there is much to learn from other countries and contexts.
You will find these materials useful if you want to engage workers in resolving a work-place problem, prepare for difficult negotiations, strengthen the union presence in works councils, or plan for a strike.

Some workers may face physical violence and threats, while others may face a pervasive sense of apathy supported by the wider culture and media.

These organising materials are meant to be used any time you want to increase the involvement of workers, whether you are working to win union recognition for the very first time or to increase member participation in a unionised workplace.

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Workplace Problems
Union Structures and Resources
Organising Strategy
Employer Anti-Union Campaign