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The Importance of Sustainable Mobility in Achieving U20 Goals

Report Published

Last year, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) was invited to submit a white paper in support of the Urban 20 communiqué to G20 leaders. We strongly supported action on the priorities identified in the draft communiqué, especially those relating to sustainable mobility and the future of work, and encouraged U20, G20 and other leaders to take urgent action in collaboration with stakeholders.

In the context of the worsening climate emergency, alongside the economic, social and political strains of the post-pandemic era, the case for action has only become stronger over the last 12 months. Ahead of the 2023 U20 summit in Ahmedabad this week, we would therefore like to reiterate the points made in our 2022 white paper and urge U20 leaders again to include sustainable mobility as a key priority in their next communiqué to the G20.



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