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News | 17 Jan 2019 Press Release

Media advisory: global union in Bangkok to support persecuted rail workers

The workers have been fined, sacked and had their pay docked just for exposing safety failings on the rail system. The ITF delegation will hold a media conference...

News | 16 Jan 2019

ITF supports air traffic controllers affected by US government shutdown

Air traffic controllers are among the thousands of US workers impacted by the stand-off between the President and Congress, resulting from disagreements on public...

News | 15 Jan 2019 Press Release

Transport in 2040: how automation and technology will impact the future of work

The forward-looking assessment, produced by WMU, investigates how the global transport industry will change as a result of automation and advanced technologies,...

News | 14 Jan 2019 Press Release

Media advisory: Davos interview opportunity – global union leader

The ITF represents formal and informal workers in road, rail, shipping, ports, tourism, inland navigation, fisheries, aviation, airports, tourism, warehousing and...

News | 09 Jan 2019 Press Release

ITF: lifting of Thailand’s yellow card on fishing disturbing

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is surprised to see the Commission's lifting of the yellow card because while illegal fishing has gotten...

News | 08 Jan 2019

ITF unions join Indian strike

Farmers and students are also supporting the strike, meaning it is likely to be the biggest shutdown, in terms of number of people, in human history.  Port and...

News | 04 Jan 2019

Freedom and wages returned after seven years of hell

Mohammed and his three crewmates had been effectively in captivity, abandoned for five years, on a tugboat in Mumbai harbour. Without power or fuel, the Ghanaian...

News | 03 Jan 2019

Released cabinet papers show major waterfront dispute a government set up

The major dispute broke out in 1998 when the stevedoring company, Patrick, locked out its entire union workforce and bussed in balaclava-wearing strike-breakers...