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Young workers plan for action

news 03 Apr 2019

The members of the ITF young workers’ committee are meeting for the first time since their election at the ITF Congress to implement the programme of action agreed in Singapore.  

Coming together in Split, Croatia, at the invitation of the Seafarers' Union of Croatia, the activists represent young workers from every part of the world.   

Across three days the participants will look at using wellbeing as an organising tool, plan to build relationships with other global union federations and share tactics.  

You can follow the event via the ITF website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   

ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton spoke at the event: "Croatia – home to one of our youth committee co-chairs and a country that plays a big role inside the ITF – has been the perfect place to kick start the new cycle for our young transport workers. For the first time, we are seeing a full committee of young leaders; a reflection of affiliates’ commitment to deliver the young workers’ programme.   

“These three days are about laying the foundations for the next five years. You will deliver outcomes and the rest of the ITF will learn from you and how you do things. You will bring lasting change to the ITF. With your different perspectives, experiences and enthusiasm – as well as the fact the Committee is the most representative it has ever been – there is no doubt the ITF young transport workers are set to take the ITF to the next level."  

ITF young transport workers’ officer Baker Khundakji said: "It is a pleasure to be in Croatia and I would like to thank the SUC for hosting us and making this meeting possible. This group has a strong mandate for the next five years, and the priorities include the importance of policy integration, digital inequality and platform work, training and reskilling programmes, as well as organising young workers in the informal sector. The expectation is that the young transport workers committee will take this opportunity to shape the challenges ahead with long-term objectives."  

Neven Melvan, general secretary of the Seafarers Union of Croatia hosting the event, added: "Croatia has around 25,000 seafarers, every year around 500 newcomers enter the industry and we are here to support them. We have been working with the government in order to ensure that our cadets and trainees are well placed in the marketplace and also to guarantee good working conditions for our seafarers.   

“We are proud that we can share experience and also work together in the future with the young workers from all sections of the ITF, not only from seafarers. No matter what industry you are from, the SUC is here to help you and support you. 

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