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Women transport workers call for end to violence

news 17 Jul 2014

The ITF's Asia Pacific Women's Conference concluded Sunday 12th May in Hong Kong, with a call to support the ITF Women's Committee campaign to end violence against women in the workplace and at home.

Women transport workers attending the event highlighted examples of incidents suffered by women transport workers with examples drawn from across the region. One delegate from India cited the case of a woman bus inspector badly beaten by two passengers; cabin crew members gave examples of sexual harassment on board aircraft. Delegates reported that they had worked within their unions to take more effective action to address this kind of incident with employers.

Mary Liew of the Singaporean affiliate SMOU stated, "Violence against women knows no national boundaries. it happens in rich and poor countries. The Women's Conference made a decision that the ITF should work with its affiliates to address this issue, and bolster its worldwide campaign. This is an issue for everyone."

ITF women's officer Alison McGarry added, "For the ITF and for both women and men in our unions, one of the key tasks ahead focuses on fighting the effects of gender violence."

The two-day Women's Conference took place ahead of the ITF's regional conference, a quadrennial event opening tomorrow 14th May that is set to be attended by 300 delegates.

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