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Podcast: Covid-19 and the future of public transport

22 Apr 2020

The ITF's latest special podcast about the Covid-19 pandemic has heard about the key role being played by public transport workers.

In the show, Mohamed Mezghani, secretary general of the UITP (the international organisation for public transport authorities and operators), says: "Public transport workers are keeping cities alive in this very challenging period. They are serving those who serve, the people who are working in hospitals, care and other critical services."

In the interview with ITF urban transport director Alana Dave, Mr Mezghani says the experience of the Covid-19 crisis must shape how public transport is treated in the future: "The workers in public transport already knew how critical it was to everyone, now we can all see that. The system needs financial support and must be funded properly in the future." 

The show also looks at the joint statement between the ITF and UITP, which Mr Mezghani describes as working people and employers 'speaking with one voice'. The ITF's work with UITP is part of the Our Public Transport programme

The ITF podcast, All Over The Place, is available from the link above, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

For more information about the ITF's response to the Covid-19 crisis, visit here