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It's time to #ConfrontXPO - join us in solidarity with XPO workers

30 May 2019

Join us today to show solidarity with XPO workers worldwide.

Since 2015, our affiliate, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has been campaigning for safe and just working conditions for XPO workers. Action has been taken following reports of horrible, unsafe conditions, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination and misclassification of workers to deny them their rights both in the US and Europe. Today, ITF unions are standing together in solidarity and fighting back. 

Earlier this month, a delegation of XPO workers and union leaders from France, Belgium and the UK joined their US colleagues and confronted XPO Logistics corporate leadership at its shareholder meeting in New York. Last week, another multi-union contingent demonstrated global solidarity, challenging XPO at its European AGM in Lyon, France, that took place on 23rd of May 2019.

Now Teamsters have announced a day of action on 30th of May at sites in the US where the company continues to deny workers’ rights by refusing to bargain in good faith.

Please support Teamsters by also taking action on May 30.

You can join by:

  • Protesting outside an XPO site, if you have XPO in your country
  • Protesting outside the USA Embassy
  • Writing a letter to XPO CEO to raise your concerns and call on him to meet with the ITF general secretary Stephen Cotton
  • Recording a video message of support for the Teamsters
  • Posting photos with solidarity messages on social media

Whatever action you take, when sharing it online please use the campaign hashtag #ConfrontXPO. If you can, please use the company’s hashtag #WeAreXPO so our actions show up on XPO's feed.

To follow the day of action, see latest updates on our Twitter and Facebook accounts under the hashtag #ConfrontXPO.


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