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ITF condemns anti-union practices at Morocco bus company

news 10 Jul 2014

The ITF has written to the Moroccan government to condemn anti-union practices at City Bus in Fes and urge government intervention, on behalf of its affiliate the Union des Syndicats UMT des Transports (UMT).

UMT reported that since City Bus was contracted to manage urban transport in Fes in September 2012, the workers at the company have experienced deteriorating social protection, union rights and working conditions.  As a result, two demonstrations were held on 18 and 23 May and on 25 May the UMT organised a solidarity action with the workers, which was attended by the board of UMT and members of its transport unions.

In their letter of 3 June to the Moroccan prime minister, minister for the interior and employment minister, ITF acting general secretary Stephen Cotton and ITF inland transport secretary Mac Urata wrote:  “We are also informed that, since the creation of a union office by the company workers within UMT, there have been anti-union activities at the company, including: refusal by the local authorities to recognise the union office; the use of workers outside the company to break a strike organised since 13 May; and the use of police to remove workers who were taking part in protest action.

“The ITF strongly condemns the anti-union practices mentioned here, which undermine fundamental workers’ rights as enshrined in the core Conventions of the ILO. The members of the ITF and in particular, the road transport workers’ unions around the world, will be following this case with great concern. On behalf of those 4.5 million transport workers, we urge your offices to intervene to remedy these matters as soon as possible.”

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