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The Esther Busser memorial prize

24 Feb 2020


Wednesday, 1 April 2020, a message from the organisers: 

Many thanks for having sent in a nomination for the Esther Busser Memorial Prize. Unfortunately, the current Covid-19 pandemic is forcing us to change plans and revise the foreseen schedule.

Because of the impossibility to convene our panel and the grave stress individuals and organisations are experiencing right now, we feel it is only fair to postpone both the deadline for submissions as well as the adjudication event.

The new deadline for nominations is, therefore, set on 30 June 2020.

The new date for the adjudication of the prize will be communicated at a later stage (most probably the second part of 2020).


Do you know someone who has done outstanding work to promote social justice and decent work in the Global South?

We are looking for nominations for the Esther Busser Memorial Prize. Details of how to enter are below.

Esther Busser was a real friend of the ITF and working people in general. She died too young, aged 48, on 1 July 2019, after living with cancer for some time.

Esther’s achievements in the world of work are impressive. In recognition of this, the recent International Labour Organization (ILO) ‘Guidelines on the promotion of decent work and road safety in the transport sector’ are dedicated to her.

However, Esther expressed deep regret that there was still so much more to be done in the Majority World to advance social justice and decent work.

The Esther Busser Memorial Prize was created to add more steps to her journey in pursuit of a better world for all.

How to enter

Any person or group of persons may nominate an individual or an organization in the Global South that fight for social justice and decent work. Individuals and organizations can also nominate themselves.

An independent, three-member jury composed of former colleagues and friends of Esther will assess nominations based on the following criteria. The nominee:

  • is from the Global South
  • makes concrete advancements to social justice and decent work
  • submits evidence (or has evidence submitted on their behalf) in writing of their accomplishments (600 words maximum in English, French or Spanish)
  • demonstrates how the grant would make a difference in their life and work

Nominations and supporting materials must be received by by 31 March 2020 to be considered.

The inaugural  Esther Busser Memorial Prize will be awarded on 21 April 2020 – close to Esther’s birthday – during an event at the ILO for her family, friends and colleagues to celebrate her life.

In recognition of the work Esther did for transport workers around the world, the ITF is one of the organisations that has made a financial contribution to the prize.

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Ballah kpadeh
1 month 1 week ago

This is outstanding for workers around the world,I think ITF should include the entire ITF family around the world

Ballah kpadeh
1 month 1 week ago

The entire world should have been included in the competition

1 month 1 week ago

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Rajendra Giri
4 weeks ago

While browsing the ITF website, shocked to know about the sad demise of Sis. Esther whom i met once long back in Geneva, however, that one meeting was enough to know her work, and more importantly her passion and commitment towards the working class. I pay my heartfelt condolence and pray to almighty that her soul may rest in peace. Its befitting tribute and appreciable initiative on the part of ITF to be part of Esther Busser memorial prize to recognize her invaluable contribution in the world of work.