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Creating a better future for workers today.

By sharing our knowledge, experiences, research, tools and other resources, we can focus and unify our action, strengthen our collective voice and amplify our impact, to create a better future for workers, today.


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Resources 16 Oct 2023

What young workers want from transport

We know that young workers will face the long-term impacts of climate change, conflict and economic uncertainty. Analysing the voices of young workers 18 to 35 in the ITF Global Poll, this report
Video 08 Feb 2021

Deliveroo IPO Who Profits?

Will Shu, Amazon and Deliveroo's early investors stand to make billions from Deliveroo's IPO. Despite making Deliveroo's business possible, riders will hardly benefit from the billions expected in the
Resources 06 Oct 2020

Decent Work for Young Workers

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on young workers’ employment, incomes, training, and social protection have been catastrophic. Even before the pandemic, young workers were already in a precarious
Resources 10 Jan 2020

Equality Testing in Transport

This research was commissioned by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and carried out in partnership with researchers at the University of Western Ontario (Western). This report