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Are you a union interested in joining the ITF?

If you are a union that represents transport workers, your union can be part of the ITF, the global union federation of the world’s transport workers.

In a world of growing inequality, increasing attacks on workers’ rights, rising authoritarianism, corruption, and corporate greed, the ITF and our affiliated unions are united in our vision to drive a better future, protect and improve the lives and futures of transport workers, on the job, in society, and to win a better world.

We want to work with you and support you, to join our voice to yours at a national level, and yours to ours at the international level. Together we can influence the global agenda to move us, and the world – forward.

Who can join the ITF?

ITF affiliation is open to unions who represent and organise transport workers in all forms of public and private transport and associated industries. Affiliation is not open to non-union organisations such as charities and NGOs. 

Why join the ITF?

We believe in social and economic justice; where all workers are treated equally – with dignity and respect; where everyone can work in a safe environment free from fear and discrimination; and where every worker is recognised for the crucial role they play in society as the drivers of our economic wealth and prosperity.

As the world's collective voice of transport workers, you would be joining a global trade union federation committed to tackling the big issues that affect the lives and livelihoods of transport workers and to confront the challenges we collectively face.

We stand together and acts in solidarity with the broader international community and labour movement to advance the interests of working people everywhere.

Have a look at our latest news to see how we work with and for our members in the pursuit of rights, equality, and justice.

What does it cost?

The formula for calculating the ITF's annual affiliation fees is based on your union’s financial circumstances and linked to your country’s GNI PC figures produced by the World Bank and the average earnings of transport workers where reported by the International Labour Organisation. Our minimum 2023 affiliation fee is £185 (GBP).

How do we to join?

If you would like to discuss how to join, please contact our Membership Department by emailing