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News | 10 Jul 2014

Unions express sadness over Chavez’s death

Unions across Latin America and worldwide have expressed their sadness over the death of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez on 5 March. Among the tributes were those...

News | 10 Jul 2014

Global delivery workers strengthen unions

One issue identified by attendees for global delivery workers is the issue of subcontracting. Despite industry wide collective labour agreements being in place in...

News | 10 Jul 2014 Press Release

New taskforce launches to fight for African offshore workers’ rights

ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation)-affiliated trade unions meeting in Mombasa, Kenya today launched a new taskforce dedicated to protecting the...

News | 10 Jul 2014

RMT tube runaway verdict response

The Old Bailey in London has fined three transport companies £100,000 each after a runaway train came within 2,000ft (600m) of crashing into a packed tube train on...

News | 10 Jul 2014

US cabin crew unite against knives on planes

The ITF is backing American unions representing airline cabin crew in their campaign to reverse the US government decision announced on 6 March to allow knives in...

News | 10 Jul 2014 Press Release

ITF and ETF back Sofia airport workers

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and the ETF (European Transport Workers’ Federation) today pledged their support for workers at Sofia...

News | 10 Jul 2014

ITF demands protection for dock leader after attempt on his life

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) has demanded the reinstatement of protection for a dock workers’ union leader in Guatemala whose life is...

News | 10 Jul 2014

African rail unions strongly united against industry fragmentation

Unions will continue fighting against the massive restructuring which has fragmented Africa’s rail industry over the past decades, a recent ITF conference...