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News | 03 Jul 2014 Press Release

ITF-IUF press release: Unions welcome Thai fisher slavery exposé

Two international union federations working together to fight appalling exploitation of fishery workers have applauded this week’s exposé by the UK’s Guardian...

News | 03 Jul 2014

Workers fight for decent conditions

The cost of goods and services in the country has soared over the last few years. Wages have increased at a much slower rate, which makes everyday living more...

News | 03 Jul 2014

Freight handlers strike for better conditions

Workers at Aviapartner Cargo (APC) are facing longer hours and have little control over their schedule. Workers say they can end up having just one day’s rest per...

News | 03 Jul 2014

ITF affiliates battle tube cuts

Unions say that, despite their efforts to meet with London mayor Boris Johnson, he refuses to discuss their concerns over the impact of his planned cuts. Both...

News | 03 Jul 2014

Swazi union leader finally free

ITF affiliate STAWU has been fighting to free Thwala since 2012, when he was arrested and charged on a picket line protest. Swaziland is one of the world’s last...

News | 03 Jul 2014

Victor Crespo’s father murdered

Victor Crespo was moved to safety following an attempt in September on his life. He has been continuing his work as president of the ITF-affiliated Sindicato...

News | 03 Jul 2014

Investigation promised into abuses against dockers’ union in Honduras

Victor Crespo, leader of the Sindicato Gremial de Trabajadores del Muelle (SGTM), joined ITF president and chair of the dockers’ section Paddy Crumlin, acting...

News | 03 Jul 2014 Press Release

Australian activists visit USA to consult on Chevron logjam

Trade unionists from the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and the MUA (Maritime Union of Australia) have arrived in the USA for an eight day...