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News | 19 Mar 2019

Young workers in the Philippines building power in four steps

Young ITF activists have come together in the Philippines, as part of a workshop to develop tactics and skills to increase the role of young workers in their...

News | 12 Feb 2019 Press Release

ITF solidarity with Belgium strike

“On behalf of the 18 million transport workers of the ITF, I send support and solidarity to the workers of Belgium in their campaign to win a fair share of their...

News | 15 Jan 2019 Press Release

Transport in 2040: how automation and technology will impact the future of work

The forward-looking assessment, produced by WMU, investigates how the global transport industry will change as a result of automation and advanced technologies,...

News | 03 Jan 2019

Released cabinet papers show major waterfront dispute a government set up

The major dispute broke out in 1998 when the stevedoring company, Patrick, locked out its entire union workforce and bussed in balaclava-wearing strike-breakers...

News | 12 Dec 2018

Deaths on docks drive urgent plans to address safety

The deaths this year of more than 50 dock workers highlights the urgent and important role of the working group. The working group had its inaugural formal meeting...

News | 10 Dec 2018 Press Release

ITF Dockers’ to launch aggressive plan to improve safety: Hutchison first in sight

At the inaugural meeting of the working group in Hong Kong, working group members came from Asia, India, Australia, Europe, the Arab World, Africa and the...

News | 05 Dec 2018

ITF calls for good business practice at 7th UN business and human rights forum

Business representatives - who made up one third of the 2,500 delegates from governments, trade unions, civil society and international organisations – were...

News | 28 Nov 2018 Press Release

ITF, ETF and ver.di stand in solidarity with the dockers from the port of Setubal

For the last twenty years, the majority of dockers working at the terminal have not benefited from a permanent employment contract. They are hired for a single...