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Young workers propose ideas to strengthen network in Palestine

10 May 2018
The young workers came from Argentina, Canada and Australia
Concrete proposals have come out of a three-day mission to Palestine by a group of ITF young workers.

The young workers - from Canada, Australia, Argentina and the UK - met with young, transport workers from the General Union of Transport Workers (GUTW) in Palestine.

One idea developed by the group is to create a network using social media platforms where the young workers can offer advice and share experiences.

Ehab Alhaj, a young taxi driver in Ramallah, said: “We want to build a strong union in Palestine that organises young workers. To do that, and since travel is not easily accessible for us, we want to create a network that enables us to learn from other young transport workers across the ITF family.”

“Women transport workers in Palestine must be allowed to move from office jobs to driving jobs,” said Tamam Abdel Hafeeth, the GUTW president in Qalqiliya.

“All men and women must demand equal opportunities and equal pay for women. I want to learn how other ITF unions have achieved this,” she added.

 During the mission, from 30 April to 3 May 2018, the group:

  • met young Palestinian transport workers to exchange and develop ideas about the next stage of the ITF’s work with them. 
    Palestine 2
  • joined an International Labour Day rally with hundreds of Palestinian workers.
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  • met workers at the Qalqiliya crossing, which is used by around 10,000 Palestinians each day to get to jobs in Israel.
    Palestine 3
  • visited the ITF facility for truck drivers at the Tulkaram crossing and spoke with transport workers there.
    Palestine 4

ITF youth co-ordinator Baker Khundakji commented that the mission had led to practical ideas to further support the young transport workers of Palestine. She said the next step is to strengthen union structures and committees in different provinces to include women and young workers, and take the ITF’s support for the young workers in the country to the next level.

You can see more about the mission on social media by searching for #ITFyouth.

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